How To Prevent Your HVAC System From Becoming A Victim Of Copper Theft

12 December 2016
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Copper theft is one of those crimes that occur quite often, but goes unreported. It is the worse feeling to come outside your home to find your AC unit gone after a new HVAC equipment installation. Thieves are not stealing your unit to cool down their house. They want the copper that is in the unit.

Copper thieves are going to remove the system and take it to a scrap yard. Scrap yards are only required to ask for a driver's license and EPA license. They do not ask where the AC units come from. Read on to find how to prevent your HVAC system from becoming victim of copper theft.

Install A Unit Cage

A cage is one of the best ways to protect your air conditioning unit. Most thieves will move on to another unit that is easier to remove. You can buy cages or get them custom made by an ironworks company. If you get a custom cage, then you want to make sure your unit can breathe.

Restricting your airflow results in your unit suffocating and not working properly. On the other hand, a cage can cause leaves and debris to build up, which can also restrict your airflow. It helps to consult an AC technician before installing your cage.

Not Giving Up

Protecting your HVAC system is very important because copper thieves are persistent. The Griot Museum of Black History in St. Louis, MO has been open for 20 years. For the fifth time in four years, thieves have stolen two of the museum air conditioners for copper.

The museum has insurance, but must pay a deductible of $2,500. This is a lot of money for a nonprofit museum.

Add Lighting

Most copper thieves think they will not get caught. This crime is usually not reported and many people are not around when the crime occurs. It is normal for your AC unit to be in a secluded location. You want to make your unit safer by installing lighting. Lighting will make your unit less desirable to copper thieves.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems warm and heat our home. If something happens to your system, then the temperature in your home is going to be unbearable. They can be expensive to fix and repair. Copper theft is a crime that costs homeowners, business owners and your economy money. You must take steps to protect your property.