How To Shield Your AC Unit During Winter

12 October 2021
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When winter is on its way, there is work that needs to be done when maintaining your AC unit. If you don't take the right measures, your AC unit might become damaged and you may then need to repair or replace it more quickly than if you had kept up on maintenance.

Winterize the AC Unit

To winterize your AC unit, you must turn all power off to the HVAC system, remove any debris that is on or around the AC and coat the outside with wax. You will need to remove snow from the AC unit periodically throughout the season.

When debris gets on top of your AC unit, the AC will not be able to release heat to cool your space. This will cause the AC unit to work harder in the spring and summer when you turn it on. You may also need to clear ice away from the area near the AC because ice can fall and surprisingly cause a lot of damage to your unit. You also want to prevent water from dripping on and getting inside the unit.

Cover Up Your AC Unit

Make sure to choose a cover that is designed specifically for your AC. You will need a plastic or vinyl cover. Fortunately, these aren't difficult to find. Then, you will want to secure the cover with rope so it doesn't move out of place and expose your AC unit. You may also be able to secure it if you place plywood on top of the AC unit as long as the plywood is secured properly.

Protect the AC Unit from Cracking

One of the concerns with AC units is that that the pipes will crack when exposed to cold weather. The way to solve this problem is to make sure that the pipes are wrapped with enough insulation. You will need to add enough insulation to your home overall because this will keep components of your AC unit warm during the winter. A common place you will need to insulate is the roof. 

Fall is a great time to have your AC unit inspected. However, if you are not able to have it inspected in the fall, winter is the next best opportunity. If you shield your AC unit from the harsh weather of winter, you will then be able to keep your AC unit for much longer and you won't have to worry as much about it breaking down.

For more information on AC system maintenance contact an HVAC contractor.