Condenser Problems: Repair Your Outdoor Fan Today

28 September 2022
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If the temperature inside your home rises above normal, you may adjust your thermostat to cool down your house. But if adjusting your thermostat doesn't make your house feel better, check the fan outside your home. The fan on your condenser unit may require servicing soon. Learn more about the outdoor condenser fan and how you can repair it below.

What's a Condenser Fan?

A condenser fan blows or circulates cool air across the large coil inside your outdoor condenser unit. The fan must spin at a steady speed in order to keep the coil cool during the day. If the fan stops spinning, heat will build up inside the coil and overheat the unit. Eventually, the unit inside your home will freeze up and stop removing warm out of your home.

A condenser fan can stop working for a number of reasons, including a lack of power. The fan draws its power from the electrical components inside the condenser unit. If the components rust or loosen up, they can't relay enough electricity to the fan to keep it running.

If the fan still spins but sounds noisy, it may have a worn-out bearing. The bearing keeps the shaft of the fan from overheating as it spins. If the bearing wears out too early, the fan can noisily wobble around on its shaft. The fan won't create enough air to keep the coil cool.  

Working on the fan yourself may be dangerous. The sharp blades on the fan can accidentally injure you. You want to have an AC repair technician look at your condenser fan for you. 

How Do You Fix the Condenser Fan?

An air conditioning repair technician will manually disrupt power to your cooling system before they check the fan. Even if the fan stopped working, it can still have enough power inside its motor to come on suddenly. After a technician safeguards your cooling system, they'll check the fan's bearing and electrical components to see if they're the reasons why it won't work properly. 

If the bearing or electrical components caused your fan's problems, a technician can repair them. The new parts should allow the fan to spin properly when you turn on your cooling system. You may want to have a technician check the parts later on to ensure they work as they should.

If a technician discovers something else wrong with your condenser fan, they'll alert you immediately. Learn more about your condenser fan and how to repair it by contacting an air conditioning repair technician today.