Winter Is Here? Is Your Heater Prepared? 4 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

26 November 2017
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When it comes to costly home repairs, furnaces top the list. That's why many people postpone repairs for as long as possible. One of the problems with postponing furnace repairs is that it can end up costing you more in the long-run – financially and health-wise. If you're having problems with your furnace, you need to have it looked at as soon as possible by a heating contractor, especially if you're experiencing any of the problems described below. Read More 

Commonly Asked Furnace Repair Questions

11 October 2017
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When cold weather and snow arrives, it is essential for your heating system to be ready and able to keep your house warm. Unfortunately, a variety of problems may lead you to find yourself without a working heating system. In order to protect yourself against these potentially uncomfortable disruptions, you must work to learn more about the problems that your furnace may encounter. What Does It Mean When A Furnace Is Excessively Cycling? Read More 

Defuse a Potentially Explosive Situation with These Water-Heater Care Tips

23 January 2017
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Did you know that a poorly maintained water heater can easily turn into a ticking time bomb? Water-heater explosions are a relatively rare occurrence, but the potential for such a catastrophic event is always there, especially for water heaters suffering from lax maintenance or corrosion issues. Fortunately, you can prevent water-heater explosions from happening thanks to these relatively simple yet crucial tips. Tip #1: Keep Your Water Heater Deposit Free Read More 

2 Ways Other Parts of the Condensing Unit Can Impact the Condensing Coils

5 January 2017
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The condensing coils in the outdoor condensing unit of a central air conditioner are responsible for performing an important phase change on the refrigerant. The refrigerant moves from the compressor through the condensing coils and then into the house to cool the evaporator coils and your home. Problems in and around the condensing coils can create a hiccup in the initial phase change and create problems with the entire cooling process. Read More