What’s The Difference Between A Budget Furnace And A High-End Model?

20 December 2021
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Gas furnaces come in a wide range of styles to fit a variety of homes and budgets. When choosing a furnace for your house, you'll need to make a decision about which unit works best for you. Your installer will help you decide on an appropriate capacity for your new heater, but what about other options, such as high-efficiency or variable speed models? The difference in cost between budget models and more fully-featured high-end models can be substantial. Read More 

A Landlord’s Guide To Two Common Heating Options

6 December 2021
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Upgrading the heating system in a multi-unit building requires more care and consideration than single-family homes. While you will need to consider many of the same factors, there are also several additional concerns to keep in mind. Making the wrong choice can lead to tenant complaints, higher maintenance costs, and excessive utility bills. Two common choices for multi-unit homes are ductless heat pumps and traditional ducted furnaces. If you're replacing a failed HVAC system in your building or considering an upgrade, this guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of these two options. Read More 

How Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save Your Family Money

28 October 2021
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Air conditioning is a feature that many homeowners rely on, especially during the summer months. These systems provide the much-needed cooling, comfort, and relief that your family needs. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems seem to have the habit of breaking down just when you need them the most. Air conditioning repairs can result in increased stress and an expensive bill. Fortunately, HVAC contractors are standing by to assist with your air conditioning maintenance needs. Read More 

How To Shield Your AC Unit During Winter

12 October 2021
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When winter is on its way, there is work that needs to be done when maintaining your AC unit. If you don't take the right measures, your AC unit might become damaged and you may then need to repair or replace it more quickly than if you had kept up on maintenance. Winterize the AC Unit To winterize your AC unit, you must turn all power off to the HVAC system, remove any debris that is on or around the AC and coat the outside with wax. Read More 

4 Ductless Heating System Repair Services You Get From An HVAC Technician

14 September 2021
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If you're replacing the old and inefficient heating system in your home, opting for ductless heaters guarantees efficiency and unmatched performance. When professionals install ductless mini-split systems, they enhance energy consumption, and you need to invest in ducts and vents for these systems to operate. Although ductless heating systems are versatile and space-friendly, they're not immune to faults and component issues. If you expect them to perform optimally, you must engage an HVAC technician to inspect and repair faults when they crop up. Read More