2 Reasons To Choose Forced-Air Over Radiant Heat

14 October 2015
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A forced-air heating system that uses a furnace to heat the air within your home is one of the most popular heating options out there, mostly because of the many benefits it can provide over its closest competition, radiant heating. A forced-air heating system can save you money and heat your home quickly.

Can Save You Money

One of the biggest problems with attempting to have radiant heat installed in your home is that it can be quite expensive when compared to forced-air. A major reason for this is that when the technicians come to install radiant heating, they will have to tear apart your walls and floors in order to install the required panels or pipes for the system. After the installation is complete, the technicians will need to fix the floors and walls, which further adds to the installation time and labor costs.

However, a forced-air heating system does not require that much work. If you already have a central air system installed, then you will already have a duct network in place for your forced-air heating system to utilize.

At that point, all that the HVAC technicians will need to do is install the furnace and connect it to the thermostat and duct system. In addition, the lesser amount of work involved will also mean that your forced-air heating system will be installed in less time when compared to a radiant system.

Can Heat Your Home Quickly

Another reason to have an HVAC technician install a forced-air system instead of a radiant heating system is that a forced-air system will not take as long to heat your home. Forced-air systems will have the furnace heating the air to the desired level before spreading the heated air throughout the home. This results in almost instant hot air exiting your vents.

When you heat your home with radiant heating, you will need to be a little patient as the heating pipes and panels will need to heat up the walls and floors gradually before the air within your home heats up to a comfortable degree. Now, this process does not take a very long time, but the difference in heating times between radiant and forced-air heating is noticeable.

Speak to an HVAC contractor (such as one from Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc) to discuss the pros and cons of the many heating methods available to you. Forced-air heating is superior to radiant heating in that you will not have to wait as long for your home to warm up or spend as much money on parts and labor.