Areas You Need To Maintain To Keep Your Home's HVAC System Working Properly

18 November 2015
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Installing a new HVAC system is a costly project, which is why you need to maintain smaller portions of the system to keep it working properly. In many cases, you can change out or clean a few areas, which will prolong the life of your current unit.


When people upgrade their HVAC system, they usually replace the internal furnace and external compressor, but they do not replace the ductwork. The problem with this situation is that as the ductwork continues to age, the materials degrade and you develop issues.

The main problem with older ductwork is that the seams weaken or ductwork develops holes. These holes then allow air to leak into your attic or crawl space instead of going into your home. As the air leaks out, your HVAC system needs to work harder to keep your home at the correct temperature, which then makes the outside and inside units wear out sooner.

To prevent your system from wearing out too soon, you want to have the ductwork inspected and replaced should the technician discover these types of holes. In some cases, you may only need to replace a specific piece of the ductwork to deal with the problem. However, if there is extensive damage, it may be a wise investment to replace all of the ductwork.  

Drain Lines

Another area that is often overlooked is the drain lines for the HVAC system. When the air conditioner turns on, it causes the inside unit to create condensation. For this reason, the internal unit has a drain line that leads to the outside of your home.

However, you can start to develop issues when this line clogs up with debris, because the water has nowhere to go. When the water cannot go anywhere, it will eventually flood the internal workings of the unit and cause it to fail completely.

With this in mind, it is imperative to have an HVAC company flush out any debris from within the line on a routine basis. The technician will also be able to spot other problems with the drain line, which can include holes that are allowing the water to leak into other areas of your home. If holes are found, the technician will need to replace the line to help minimize the amount of damage the moisture can do to the system and to your home.

When your goal is to maintain your home's current HVAC system, you need to monitor different areas of the system to keep it working properly. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a unit someone else already upgraded, they may have forgotten to clean out or replace certain parts of the system. However, by working with an HVAC installation company, you can deal with any problem areas and keep your current system working properly for years to come.