Air Conditioning: The Effects Of Air Filter Neglect

18 July 2016
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Air conditioning systems that have poorly maintained air filters usually have reduced lifespans simply because their parts are usually exposed to the ravages of dust particle accumulation. There is also the fact that clogged filters can restrict airflow, something that may then put parts of the air conditioning system under undue strain. The following are some of the ways through which your system may be affected as a result of air filter neglect.

Dust accumulation will reduce your air conditioner's efficiency

When your air conditioning system's filters wear out, they will allow dust particles gain entry into the system. The dust particles may then settle on the evaporator coil. Continued accumulation of these particles may then form a layer that is thick enough to insulate the coil's copper surface from the passing air. This will reduce the rate at which heat is exchanged between the air and the refrigerant and thus reducing the rate at which your system will cool your home.

As a result, your system will take longer in order to make your home comfortable. It will consume more energy, something that will contribute to your rising energy bills

Dust accumulation will reduce the capacity of your blower

To maximize the amount of air that the air blower unit pushes throughout an air conditioning system, manufacturers usually fit it with cupped fan blades. However, the dirt particles that worn-out filters allow into the air conditioning system can reduce the level of cupping of these blades – continued dust accumulation can change the shape of the blades. This will then reduce the amount of air that the unit can push through at any given time and will eventually reduce the efficiency of the entire air conditioning system.

Restricted airflow will cause coil frosting

The amount of air that dirty air filters can let into an air conditioning system is limited. As a result, your air conditioning system will have less air to work with. This will not only limit the amount of cooled air that the air conditioner dumps into your home, but also lead to coil frosting complications.

Coil frosting usually happens in the evaporator coil area due to restricted air supply simply because of lack of enough warm air to even out the cooling effect that the evaporating refrigerant causes. The resulting abnormal temperature drop is what then causes the freezing of the moisture carried by the passing air. Your system's performance will suffer as a result of this frosting simply because the formed frost is a bad conductor of heat and will therefore impede the heat exchange process that is necessary for cooling to take place.

To make sure that your air conditioning system is working as efficiently as it should, it is imperative that you clean your air filters regularly. Changing the filters regularly will also come in handy in helping to prevent dust-related problems. To learn more, contact a company like Don's AC Service, Inc.