Commonly Asked Furnace Repair Questions

11 October 2017
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When cold weather and snow arrives, it is essential for your heating system to be ready and able to keep your house warm. Unfortunately, a variety of problems may lead you to find yourself without a working heating system. In order to protect yourself against these potentially uncomfortable disruptions, you must work to learn more about the problems that your furnace may encounter.

What Does It Mean When A Furnace Is Excessively Cycling?

A furnace that is excessively cycling on and off can be one of the more common problems that your system may encounter. This issue is often due to the thermostat providing the furnace with the incorrect temperature. Additionally, it could be attributed to mechanical problems that are causing the blower or primary control to turn off before the desired temperature has been reached. Once a furnace starts to cycle on and off excessively, the problem is likely to continue to worsen until the furnace is professionally serviced. As a result, you should treat this problem as an urgent matter. Otherwise, the issue could quickly reach the point where it prevents your system from being to heat your house.

Is It Possible For Mold To Grow In A Heating System?

The air quality that is in your home is likely a key concern. Unfortunately, it can be possible for various types of mold to start growing in your heating system. The warm and moisture conditions that can be found in some heating systems can be an ideal environment for these organisms. Having your furnace and ducting professionally cleaned can help to prevent large mold colonies from forming and lowering the air quality in your house.

How Should You Respond If Your Furnace's Burner Appears To Be Damaged?

Depending on the type of furnace that you have, it may depend on a burner to ignite the heating oil, natural gas or other fuel to provide heat. Unfortunately, the burner can suffer serious damage that may contribute to serious safety or performance issues for the property. If you notice that the burner has become bent, warped or corroded, you should avoid using the system until a technician has replaced the burner.

Is Ventilation Important For Your Furnace?

Ventilation is critical allowing your furnace to get enough air to function. While this can be essential for allowing combustion furnace to function, it can also prove necessary for electric furnaces. Without sufficient ventilation, the furnace may struggle to distribute the heat that is generated by the system. To be sure that your system is getting enough ventilation, you should avoid placing any items within several feet of the system and you will want to clean the vents on the furnace's exterior as well as change the air filters for the system.

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