How To Improve Airflow

5 September 2018
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Homes with split air central AC systems definitely need to be looked after. That is, if you do not periodically spend time and money on maintenance, your HVAC system is not going to perform at maximum efficiency. This usually results in increased electricity consumption and the resulting high bills. But this doesn't mean the problem is always electrical.


In fact, one of the most important aspects of any HVAC system is how well the air flows through the system without losing heat. Basically, you want to make sure the air flowing into your rooms is as hot or cold as it is intended to be. It is important to realize that you can lose heat even if your air ducts are perfectly airtight. As hot air travels through cold ducts, it can definitely cool down. Similarly, during the summer when you have your AC running, the hot air in your rooms can heat up the duct walls. Duct walls are made out of thin aluminum, which transfers heat very quickly, so adding duct insulation is going to be beneficial.

Insulating Your Ducts

Throughout your HVAC system, there are going to going to be ducts and tubes of various sizes and gauges. When it comes to all of the most standard sizes that are used in residential HVAC, you can find pre-cut foam insulation tubes that go right around these tubes perfectly for quick and easy installation. They just need to be cut to the right length and popped right onto the duct. But if you do have any ducting that you can't find the right insulation for, it is always possible to use fiberglass batting on them. This can be wrapped around ducting of any size and taped down quite effectively.

Tape the Seams

Whenever you were adding insulation to your air ducts, it is also helpful if you locate the seams where different pieces are connected to each other. Any seam that isn't taped could be a potential leak point. Just wrapping the seams in a little bit of aluminum foil tape is going to not only make it airtight, but it should help prevent the ducts from ever becoming loose or dislodged.

In the end, keeping your air ducts insulated and airtight is of the utmost importance if you want to get the most out of your HVAC air flow and keep down your utility bills.

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