How Renters Can Improve Their HVAC

8 October 2018
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Anybody who has ever rented a property, whether it is a large home or a small apartment, has dealt with the frustration of not being able to make all of the upgrades they would like. This is particularly true with the HVAC system, which the property owner probably doesn't want you to tinker with. But if you are uncomfortable in your rental or just sick of paying huge utility bills, there are some customizations you can make to your HVAC system to make it more efficient. This article focuses on smart HVAC upgrades that aren't going to damage any part of your HVAC system, and that probably won't violate your rental contract.

Upgrade Your Air Registers

One of the smartest and easiest upgrades you can make to your HVAC system is to improve the registers. It is probably very easy to remove the existing registers in your property with just a handheld screwdriver, so there is no damage to the property. In their place, you can install electronic booster registers. These are essentially air registers with electric fans inside them. With the fan inside the register, it sucks the air out of the ducts and pushes it into the room with more force. So it helps to circulate air in that room, which speeds up the heating or cooling processes.

These registers can be used during both the winter and summer months, but they are more productive with air conditioning. With the heater, the booster will slightly cool down the air as it pumps it out with extra force.

Check Your Air Filters

One of the biggest mistakes renters make is that they fail to replace the air filters in their furnace on a regular basis. That is, they don't think to do it because they don't own the property. But air filter replacement is super important when it comes to the quality of air in your home, the reduction of dust and allergens, and the overall airflow throughout your property. Basically, clean air filters are going to improve everything about your system.

The replacement of air filters is a job that can be done by anybody, as long as you can find and access the furnace. Some furnaces are in small utility rooms that make the work a little awkward. The filters are usually at the very front of the furnace, inside the main cabinet, and you don't need to use any special tools to actually access the filter.

For more information, contact your property owner or an AC repair service.