Can Ductless Mini-Split Systems Be Used Commercially?

22 January 2020
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Although they are less common than traditional split AC systems, ductless mini-split systems have been rapidly gaining ground in the residential space. These air conditioning systems offer a high level of efficiency and flexibility. In addition to providing powerful cooling along with a relatively low operating cost, they also offer the ability to work in spaces where retrofitting ductwork may be expensive or impossible. While these are all clear advantages in a residential setting, can ductless mini-split systems also be used for commercial structures? The answer is a resounding "yes!" and there are several compelling reasons to consider these units for your commercial building.

Ductless Mini-Splits Provide Effective Zoned Cooling

Do you have a smaller space that requires a less powerful cooling solution than the rest of your structure? This divide is a common scenario for many warehouses, where the work floor often requires a high-powered cooling solution while the office space is small by comparison. While one system can sometimes service both areas, a ductless mini-split can simplify cooling significantly. These relatively small units can be installed in the office space, providing sufficient cooling for this area without impacting the more powerful industrial system required to keep the work floor cool.

Retrofitting Is Less Complicated

When compared to a traditional split system, mini-split installation is straightforward and non-disruptive. In most cases, no demolition is required and plumbing runs are only necessary for the refrigerant lines. Without the need to install ductwork, these self-contained units can fit into areas that traditional split systems dare not go. Even better, the higher cost of a mini-split can often be offset (and then some!) by the much lower installation costs. These low installation costs can be especially beneficial in cases where cooling is required in an older structure, but large-scale renovation is off the table.

Efficiency, Aesthetics, And Cost Can Go Hand-in-Hand

No one likes the look of window units. While they are a common sight in older buildings, they often appear unprofessional and tend to lend a shoddy look to any space. Despite this, their low cost, ease of installation, and reasonably good energy-efficiency have made them popular in many buildings that lack central air conditioning. The low cost of installation for a mini-split system can offer a solution to this problem by providing an alternative that is both attractive and more efficient without the budget-busting cost of ductwork installation.

If you and your employees are suffering with an old air conditioning system, then it's time to consider installing a mini-split into your commercial space. This one small upgrade has the potential to transform your building and provide a breath of fresh, cold air to your business. Contact an AC company to learn more.