A Few Common HVAC Maintenance Needs

6 May 2020
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There are many services that your home's HVAC system may need to remain effective and efficient. Unfortunately, if you are unaware of some of the services and preventative maintenance that your air conditioning system will require.

Have Mold Removed

Large amounts of mold can grow on the interior of your air conditioning system, and it will be able to have major impacts on the system's ability to function. Furthermore, the mold will be able to lower the air quality in the home. Periodically cleaning and sanitizing the entire HVAC system will be necessary for eliminating any mold that may currently be growing inside the system. While a homeowner will be able to keep the exterior of the AC system clean with relative ease, reaching the mold colonies that may be deep in the system. A homeowner may assume that it will always be easy to tell if their HVAC system is growing mold, but it can be difficult to know if this is occurring unless you have the system periodically inspected for mold colonies.

Have The Primary Cooling Unit Serviced

Every year, the air conditioning system should be professionally serviced so that the wear and other problems that the system may experience can be addressed. This will involve basic tasks like lubricating the moving parts, ensuring the system is aligned and testing the electrical connections. When a homeowner fails to have this routine work done to their system, the unit is likely to gradually develop reliability and performance problems. Ideally, a homeowner should have the system serviced during the spring as this will prevent situations where you may damage that occurred during the winter worse by running the system before repairs can be made.

Keep Plants Away From The Exterior Unit

Allowing plants to grow too close to the exterior air conditioning unit can create many problems for the system. One of the problems may be increased wear due to the plants obstructing the amount of air that is able to enter the air conditioner. Additionally, these plants can damage the system by allowing branches and leaves to get pulled into it. These pieces of debris can cause immense damage to the system as they can jam moving components, damaging wiring or cause other mishaps. These repairs can be particularly expensive as they may involve replacing core mechanical systems. Trimming these plants so that there is at least a couple of feet between the plants and the air conditioning unit can be vital if you are to prevent the system from suffering these types of damages.