Repair Or Replace: What To Do With Your Air Conditioner

19 November 2020
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Anytime you have to replace an air conditioning system, that represents a major expense that can be at least mildly inconvenient, no matter how well-balanced your budget is. Still, you may be able to forgo that expense by scheduling a residential AC repair service to fix the few issues that are plaguing your system instead, but knowing when you're able to have it repaired or you just need to simply bite the bullet and get it replaced can be difficult. Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to help make that decision. If you have any questions, contact an HVAC company that handles AC installations on a regular basis for help.

How Old is Your Unit?

Air conditioning systems can last a really long time - anywhere from 10 to 15 years, on average. With proper maintenance and prompt repairs, however, that number can go up to 20 years, but regardless, at some point your system is going to start breaking down. That usually happens around the halfway point of the unit's life expectancy, so if you've already passed that, you may begin to seriously think about having a new AC installation performed instead of having it repaired. The frequency and intensity of residential AC repairs will begin to go up, costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in expenses that can be alleviated by simply having a new AC installation.

How Much are Your Repairs?

Even if your AC unit isn't that old, you may still face significant repairs that need to be made. Whether that's a single repair or a list of repairs that have piled up over the last two years, add up the cost of those bills and see what the number is. If it's more than 50% of the cost of a new AC installation, it's more financially advantageous to simply have a new one installed instead. Not only will you virtually eliminate the need for those repairs, but you also have a warranty that will handle any issues that do crop up.

Do You Want to Upgrade?

Of all the things on a homeowner's dream list, upgrading their AC system is usually not very high. That being said, a new air conditioning system can provide a substantial amount of energy savings, as well as an improved quality of life, by delivering cleaner air throughout your home. Moreover, if you plan on selling your home, you may see a higher resale value when you list your house since homeowners love a home that they don't have to start repairing immediately. Regardless, if you want to upgrade your system for any reason, you might as well do it before scheduling another repair.

If you're on the fence about investing in an AC installation, consider talking to an HVAC contractor to make sure it's the right move for you.