4 Ductless Heating System Repair Services You Get From An HVAC Technician

14 September 2021
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If you're replacing the old and inefficient heating system in your home, opting for ductless heaters guarantees efficiency and unmatched performance. When professionals install ductless mini-split systems, they enhance energy consumption, and you need to invest in ducts and vents for these systems to operate.

Although ductless heating systems are versatile and space-friendly, they're not immune to faults and component issues. If you expect them to perform optimally, you must engage an HVAC technician to inspect and repair faults when they crop up. You'll benefit from quick installation, quality indoor air, and efficient heating. 

Here are signs that your ductless heating system needs professional repair.

Diminishing Heat Output

When your ductless heating unit registers a drop in its heating capacity, it denotes several problems. If the unit blows cool air when programmed to heat your home, it could be a reversing valve problem. This component regulates the flow of conditioned or warm air by reversing the refrigerant through the system. 

If the valve is faulty or stuck in one mode, you must call a heating repair technician to fix the problem. When the ductless unit loses its output progressively, there could be a persistent refrigerant leak. You must call a technician to repair broken refrigerant lines to avert a system-wide breakdown.

Refrigerant Loss

Refrigerant loss is a leading cause of ductless heating system malfunction. To avert costly compressor breakdown, you must get a heater repair professional to seal the leaking refrigerator drains and refill the liquid. Indeed, ductless heating units are susceptible to refrigerant loss since the numerous refrigerant lines leading to the outdoor handler are exposed to the elements. You must check for leaks or evaporator coils issues regularly, and you must call heating system repair services.

Foul Smells

If you smell musty or weird odors coming out of the ductless heater unit, the root cause is likely to be inside. Foul odors emanate from clogged evaporator coils and the presence of mold within the components. Condenser line clogs and moisture can harbor mildew and bacteria. You must call heating system repair specialists to check the unit's inner condition before repairing broken lines or evaporator components.

Aesthetic Issues

Highly performing ductless heating systems don't experience compound issues associated with ducted systems. However, you'll face problems that are distinct to the unit's build and operation. For instance, poorly installed units pull and peel off the wall. This leaves your indoor space with an unsightly appearance, and the handler can fall off and damage the handler. 

If you need heating system repair, talk to an HVAC technician in your area.