Two Tips To Help Make Air Conditioning Repair More Affordable

8 December 2015
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When it's blisteringly hot outside, you expect for your air conditioning unit to pull double duty so that your interior quarters can stay cool. However, when the strain gets to be too much, and your air conditioning system breaks down, it's now time to try and figure out where to get the money from in order to fix it. Emergencies like these can truly put a strain on the monthly budget, and you may be at a loss concerning how you're going to get the necessary repairs. Read More 

Areas You Need To Maintain To Keep Your Home’s HVAC System Working Properly

18 November 2015
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Installing a new HVAC system is a costly project, which is why you need to maintain smaller portions of the system to keep it working properly. In many cases, you can change out or clean a few areas, which will prolong the life of your current unit. Ductwork When people upgrade their HVAC system, they usually replace the internal furnace and external compressor, but they do not replace the ductwork. The problem with this situation is that as the ductwork continues to age, the materials degrade and you develop issues. Read More 

Ductless Air Conditioning Vs. An Air-Source Heat Pump

11 November 2015
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Choosing the right equipment to cool your home can help you to save money down the road. For example, if you choose a heat pump, you can both heat and cool your home with the same piece of equipment. On the other hand, if you choose a ductless cooling system, you can eliminate your need to use ducts, which can help to improve your efficiency in several ways.  An Analysis of a Heat Pump Read More 

3 Tips To Lower Your Winter Heating Bills When Your Kids Are Home For Winter Break

10 November 2015
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During the winter, you may be able to save on your heating bills by using a programmable thermostat and not keeping your home too toasty and warm while everyone is gone for the day. When your kids are home for winter break, however, you'll obviously need to keep the house warm all day long. This can cause your heating bills to rise, but there are a few tips that you can follow to help keep your bills to a minimum. Read More 

2 Revolutionary Advances In Air Conditioner Technology

5 November 2015
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Air conditioners are an incredible convenience--yet one that comes with a significant price tag. Thankfully, rapid advances in technology offer the prospect of much more efficient cooling machines. If you would like to learn about some cutting edge breakthroughs in air conditioner design, read on. This article will introduce two exciting new technologies.  Shape-memory Alloys Shape-memory alloys--or smart metals, as they've been popularly dubbed--are an exciting class of material. After a shape-memory alloy has been bent, it can then be returned to its original shape simply by heating it up. Read More