How To Prevent Your HVAC System From Becoming A Victim Of Copper Theft

12 December 2016
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Copper theft is one of those crimes that occur quite often, but goes unreported. It is the worse feeling to come outside your home to find your AC unit gone after a new HVAC equipment installation. Thieves are not stealing your unit to cool down their house. They want the copper that is in the unit. Copper thieves are going to remove the system and take it to a scrap yard. Read More 

Your Ductwork: Why You Are Hearing Loud Noises When the Heat Turns Off and On

13 October 2016
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If you are hearing loud noises coming from your furnace and ductwork when the heat turns off and on, don't be alarmed. Banging noises can be loud, but this doesn't mean that you have a huge problem with your heating system. While you will want to get your system serviced by a professional HVAC company, the noises you are hearing probably aren't indicative of an expensive repair. Routine maintenance of your heating and cooling system can help keep the loud noises to a minimum. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters

11 August 2016
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Most people assume that there isn't much diversity where water heater technology is concerned. Yet recent years have seen the steady evolution of the exciting new option known as tankless water heating. If you would like to learn more about how tankless water heaters differ from standard ones, read on. This article will provide a helpful overview of tankless water heaters. Some Basic Information A tankless water heater's main feature is given away by its name: water is neither heated nor stored inside of a traditional storage tank. Read More 

Air Conditioning: The Effects Of Air Filter Neglect

18 July 2016
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Air conditioning systems that have poorly maintained air filters usually have reduced lifespans simply because their parts are usually exposed to the ravages of dust particle accumulation. There is also the fact that clogged filters can restrict airflow, something that may then put parts of the air conditioning system under undue strain. The following are some of the ways through which your system may be affected as a result of air filter neglect. Read More 

Two Common Problems With An AC Unit

29 May 2016
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It is easy to get used to the comforting hum of an AC unit and to assume that your unit will continue to run without any need for maintenance or repairs. Many homeowners simply flip their thermostat to cool and take no thought for what to do if the unit stops working or if it decreases in efficiency. A wise homeowner will learn about a few of the more common problems that can develop with an AC unit, so they can make repairs on their own when possible. Read More